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February STANDOUT awards

March 24, 2017
By Jen Walsh
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This month, the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) started a new program to recognize students, staff, and faculty who go above and beyond to make Beloit College a better place. Find out if your nominee was awarded here. We had so many great nominations for this month, which always make it difficult to narrow it down to these four.  The February 2017 STANDOUT awards go to...

Group of the Month - Sustained Dialogue Student Moderators

The nominator said: “The 13 Sustained Dialogue student moderators have been working so intentionally this semester to create rich and challenging experiences for their groups to learn to engage in the skills of dialogue and be productive in the ways they interact through the semester--both inside their groups and in other contexts of their lives. Their energy and dedication to the program has allowed us to offer a group that combines faculty/staff/students, a group focused on interfaith dialogue, and a group of people who have been a part of SD earlier than this semester. Each of the moderator pairs works so intentionally to craft agendas for their group meetings that will both teach skills of dialogue and allow opportunities for SD participants to engage deeply and honestly with each other. The “Mod Squad” is a group that genuinely enjoys being together and connecting with each other. They are dynamic as individuals, but together, there is a special kind of magic that this group has in the ways in which they engage each other, challenge each other, support each other, and celebrate each other. Each of the moderators is so clearly invested in the dialogue group that they lead, and they are also continuously interested and inquisitive about SD beyond their groups and elevating the skills and experience of dialogue on campus and beyond.”

Student Leader of the Month - Haylee Irwin

Haylee's nominator said: Haylee is a teacher’s assistant for my acting class and a cast member in Macbeth. In both environments, they have modeled respect, inclusivity,  and held peers to high standards. I also learn through my interactions with Haylee and become a better teacher. I have discovered through student feedback that Haylee doesn’t let them off the hook--Haylee challenges them and gives time and energy to discuss class and social issues with students. I don't see Haylee everywhere they are involved in campus, but I know they are respected and have personally seen Haylee grow into their role as a leader on campus. Haylee is a model for me of somebody who embodies the change they would like to to see in the world."

Student Employee of the Month - Apollo Johnson

Apollo's nominator said: “Apollo has been one of the most dependable and reliable student working at DK's this year. Apollo always has a positive attitude while working and an eagerness to learn and takes on new tasks daily without hesitation. Apollo performs tasks on the service side of the kitchen and the food preparation as well as the grab-n-go program. He isn't afraid to ask questions or take responsibility for mistakes made. Apollo has also stepped into a position of leadership by teaching or training other students to perform tasks in the kitchen. Apollo is an important member of this team and is relied on heavily by our regular staff.

Staff/Faculty of the Month - Nick Mischler

Nick's nominator said: “Nick has gone out of his way to help me with Reason Training. Technology is difficult for me and I often have many questions, and Nick has always been patient and kind, and has even scheduled blocks of time when he was not feeling well so that I could accomplish my tasks efficiently. He is an exceptional young person and I appreciate his commitment to excellence.”


These recipients will receive a certificate of this accomplishment, and will be publicly recognized throughout the month in the hallway leading to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership in Pearsons Hall. Do you have nominations for the month of March? Please send them using this form. Nominees collected thus far will be considered for future months as well.