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Campus Stories


Progress on Inclusive Living and Learning goals

March 20, 2017
By Emmy Newman’17
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Growing out of a movement that included student activism in support of equity and the #MakingEquityRealatBeloit series last year, the college’s senior staff (the president’s cabinet) set 10 Inclusive Living and Learning goals last summer and finalized them in early fall. Each goal has a lead individual responsible for it, and progress toward goals is tracked on this Projects and Priorities web page. While you’ve probably heard about efforts to better understand the importance of students’ sense of belonging, or improve services for students with disabilities, or further the development of asset-based learning, you may not know that this work is building on the college’s earlier efforts to achieve equity and make a more inclusive community. 

The Terrarium plans to check in on each of the goals to track their progress. This short video is on Goal No. 4, building and expanding the Sustained Dialogue program. Thanks to Emmy Newman’17 for producing the video.