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November Standout Award winners

December 8, 2016
By Jen Walsh
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Group of the Month - Alpha Sigma Tau sorority


The nominator said:  "AST has resurrected an old practice from the organization with the creation of five inclusivity committees. These working groups bring members of the organization together to bring to life ideas that help the sorority be more inclusive in regard to religion, gender, race, ability, and socioeconomic status. They've already been working on making the recruitment a more accurate portrayal of the organization and its expectations, shifting events to different times when sisters might be better able to attend and be fully present, and instituted a continuation of a dues relief program that fundraises money which sisters have access to request when they aren't in a great financial place to afford semester dues."


Student Leader of the Month - Macy Tran

Macy's nominator said:  "Interacting with Macy and seeing all that she does, it is obvious that she is an extremely passionate, courageous, and caring individual who works to make this campus better every day. In her role as a programmer at the Health and Wellness Center, she focuses on areas that matter: She created a pop-up event for de-stressing and self-care during the tumultuous time of registration/election week, and organized a panel on Self-Care for the Student Activist. She organized a support group for Asian-American women on campus because she felt that was needed. In all of these situations, she has leapt to action and worked quickly despite an ambitious schedule (her Google calendar is off the charts, honestly). She is outspoken with her view of the world, which is always thoughtful and usually involves challenging injustice in the world and those who enable it. She also shows up at nearly every event related to identity, (in)justice, or activism, demonstrating that she cares and is always learning more. Macy is inspiring in the level of personal accountability she takes to put her beliefs into action."


Student Employee of the Month - Autumn Gant


Autumn's nominator said: "Autumn is a rock solid Sustained Dialogue moderator. She co-leads a group of mostly students who have experienced dialogue in previous semesters, but her willingness to push the group beyond their previous experiences has created a whole new dynamic. She has spent a lot of her own time familiarizing herself with the SD model and has even given the other moderators homework from certain sections of the manual we use to help them gain more confidence in leading conversations with purpose toward informed action. This woman is creating a revolution here on campus with her activism, willingness and readiness to lead, and constant eagerness for wherever an opportunity exists for her to take advantage of!"


Staff/Faculty of the Month - Namoonga Mantina, Health and Wellness Center


Namoonga's nominator said: "Namoonga is the coordinator of wellness programming at the health center, and in that role she supervises and works directly with all seven of the student wellness programmers. She works tirelessly to help everything function smoothly in the center's programming, be it buying supplies for our events or coordinating with off-campus folks to bring services like therapy dogs, Zumba classes, and wellness-focused speakers to campus. Her role puts her behind the scenes, but she would be sorely missed if she wasn't there.


Words from student programmers who work under her:

Namoonga is a joy to work with and always a good balance of flexible, supportive, and willingness to push us. Namoonga is such a beautiful, intellectual, heart warming, caring soul. She is driven, supportive, and loving in all the way she impacts campus and somehow manages to be an incredible leader with humbleness and grace. I'm actually struggling to find the words to start describing how much I admire Namoonga and how much she inspires me to love, inspire, reflect, and engage deeply with the world around me. As a recent graduate, Namoonga is so put together, motivating, and encouraging.

She is incredibly approachable and truly cares about the Beloit community. I have absolutely enjoyed working with Namoonga as she knows when to push us to dig deeper. Namoonga is such a warm and loving person. She is incredibly understanding a knows how to make space and time for taking care of yourself in a hectic world. As someone in a leading position in the Health Center, she is concerned about her team and always makes sure that everyone is doing okay. She is supportive and inspiring and definitely deserves this award!"


These recipients will receive a certificate of this accomplishment, and will be publicly recognized throughout the month in the hallway leading to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership in Pearsons Hall.Know a person or group deserving of a Standout Award for December/January?  Please send nominations using this form.