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Campus Stories


Being Here Beloit 2016: Winners

November 24, 2016
By Catherine Orr

Grand Prize Winner - $200:

Runners Up - $100

  • "Got home?": A Pop Up Museum by Nancy Krusko's FYI - "Home and Habitus"
  • "Identity Jigsaw": A Photo Collage and Digital Story by Rachel Ellett's FYI - "From Lagos to Johannesburg: 21st Century African Cities"
  • "My Gender" - A digital story by Nicholas Meersman

Honorable Mentions - $50

  • "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover": A 3D artifact by Stephanida Kvokov, Arianna Kost, and Silong Shuai
  • "Swingset": A digital story by Nathan James Hunter
  • "FYI Year/Semesterbook": A computer generated book by Marjorie Brackett "
  • "Rituals of Belonging: An Yijing-Based Interpretation of 'Being Here": A poster presentation by Gabriel Gonzalez, Zongyang Li, Shavaise Thomas, and Ziming Wu

The Audience award (determined by online voting):

  • "World War I Simulations" - A classroom/game simulation by Patrick Polley's FYI ("America's Hot Cold Wars")


Thanks to all who helped the Being Here Festival possible: Jedidiah Rex, Sarah Arnsmeier, Adam Dinnes, Doug Henthorn, Melissa Dix, Emily Sager, Cristina Parente, Nick Mischler, Bonnie Zahn, and all the FYI 2016 seminar leaders and students who shared themselves so generously at this event.  Congratulations to all!