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October STANDOUT Awards

November 18, 2016
By Jen Walsh
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This month’s STANDOUT awards, which recognize students, staff, and faculty who go above and beyond to make Beloit College a better place, go to:

Group of the Month - Admissions Tour Guides

The nominator said: “The tour guides continue to shine by welcoming and engaging prospective students and families from around the world. Since the fall began they have given hundreds of personal and highly individualized tours, answered dozens and dozens of questions and worked numerous weekends. Great job!”

Student Leader of the Month - Angela Castrillo-Vilches

Angela’s nominators said: Angela is a very active member of the campus community. Most recently, I believe she should be recognized for her role as one of the RAs who took a leading role in organizing and participating the the OccupyResLife protest in order to ensure that Beloit becomes a more diverse and inclusive community for students of all backgrounds.”

“As an RA of color and a member of Students for an Inclusive Campus, Angela Castrillo Vilches worked tirelessly during the OccupyResLife movement, and displayed her commitment to making Beloit College a better community, particularly for students of marginalized identities. Willing to put her job on the line for what she knew was right, Angela truly displays the characteristics of a brave leader who is not afraid of getting active and involved in pressing issues regarding social identity at Beloit. In addition to this, she was part of the group of students who hosted the “Condemnation at Beloit College” event, an informative presentation on race relations at Beloit, throughout history and in the present day. This is a great example of how her concern for social issues permeates her academic life as well as her personal life, which is an admirable trait of a young leader operating in a college setting.”

Student Employee of the Month - Emma Frothingham

Emma’s nominator said: “Emma is one of our wonderful student workers in the Morse Library’s Archives. I have had the pleasure of working with Emma since I began working at Beloit in January, and she has shown herself to be an exemplary employee at every opportunity. Even though I am her supervisor, Emma has actually helped me get settled into the Beloit community and feel very welcome here. She worked for Fred Burwell and I full time over the summer, and helped shoulder a good deal of a very large moving and shifting project in the Archives. It would have been impossible to complete that move successfully without her input.  Recently, she has been helping me to implement some much needed workflow processes that will help us speed the way we deal with incoming donations and in making materials ready to be used by researchers. Her work is superior in quality, and she is always asking for new projects and responsibilities. She helps train our new student workers and get them up to speed when they first start working here. She has also put together several exhibits of archival material since I began working here. In short, she excels in every aspect of archival work, and our unit will be very sad to see her graduate.”

Staff/Faculty of the Month - Steve Huss-Lederman

Steve’s nominator said: “He is working with his capstone class in completing a dashboard project involving energy submeters. Throughout October and fall break, he flew to Baltimore and drove to Iowa to attend conferences about this project with other schools. Many schools now want to partner with us and this project now gives his students the opportunity to be on a bigger stage than ever before. He also is always available for help.”

These recipients will receive a certificate of accomplishment and will be publicly recognized throughout the month in the hallway leading to the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership in Pearsons Hall.

Do you have nominations for the month of November?  Please submit them using this form.  Nominees collected thus far will be considered for future months as well.