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Re-release of Polygyny seeks to make book more accessible

November 11, 2016
By Emmy Newman’17
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Originally released in the summer of 2015, professor of religious studies Debra Majeed’s book Polygyny: What it Means When African-American Muslim Women Share Their Husbands will be re-released in paperback this month. Majeed’s book explores the stories of women who oppose, embrace, or somehow interact with polygyny, and how the practice is supported or scorned in communities at large. A multi-faceted issue complicated by religion, race, and gender, the book takes a hard look at how this familial configuration affects women in communities of the United States.

The book was published by the University Press of Florida originally only in hardcover, but now Debra hopes the paperback will help make the book more accessible to readers. While the book is currently offered at a discount rate for classroom use, it is also a common choice for use by women’s reading groups and Muslim communities to discuss marriage as an institution and a personal factor. Polygyny will be available at Turtle Creek Bookstore in its paperback form in the coming weeks.

“This is an example of how teachers at Beloit link our scholarship to our teaching,” Debra says.

Continuing with her scholarly interest in the subject, Debra will offer RLST 220 –“Polygyny: How do Muslims and Mormons Justify the Practice?” in the spring term of 2017.