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Inclusive Living and Learning Taskforce announces #MakingEquityRealatBC

February 1, 2016
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Update, February 1, 2016

Announcing #MakingEquityRealatBC

We heard you.

At town hall meetings last semester. In texts, blogs, FB postings, twitter and email messages. During coffee breaks, hallway chats, at lunch, and at dinner. In cell group conversations, department meetings, and #BlackLivesMatterBeloit events.

Task force members acknowledge the fervent requests (and, respectful demands) from all segments of the campus for the college to raise the visibility and concreteness of campus-wide efforts surrounding equity, inclusivity, and diversity.

You said you were tired of talking and ready to act. Again, we heard you.

The most sweeping opportunity to become the sustainable change you desire has come.

Join BC’s 90-day campaign to organize a series of events during the final week of classes and the Spring meeting of the Board of Trustees – May 2-6 – and help design lasting steps for a better, more equitable future at Beloit. Proposed events include: exhibits, demonstrations of anti-racist classroom techniques, the premier of a relevant film from the Sundance Film Festival, activities with the greater Beloit community, and campus open houses.

These and other events will culminate with a “Day of Exchange” on May 5 with Dr. Benjamin Reese, Vice President of the Office of Institutional Equity at Duke University. For the past 40 years, Dr. Reese has consulted with a variety of colleges and universities, and profit and nonprofit corporations in the areas of equity, inclusion, and institutional structural change.  He will interact with various campus audiences and the Board of Trustees as part of our efforts to jump-start a long-term plan of action starting Fall 2016.  Engagements with Dr. Reese, coupled with other activities during the week-long series of events, reflect two of the central goals of the Inclusive Living and Learning Task Force: One, to foster an inclusive climate and culture at Beloit. Two, to reaffirm Beloit’s commitment to growing and sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-classist,  anti-abelist, and anti-heteronormative learning, living, and working environment.

The revolution is happening. The campaign rollout begins today with Phase One: A call to action. Sign up at:  

Get ready to do your part to #MakeEquityRealatBC.  Any questions? Contact Debra Majeed,

Thank you,

The Inclusive Living and Learning Task Force:

Steve Cohen, Paul Dionne, Debra Majeed, Becky Moffett, Gabriella Onikoro-Arkell, Jim Rougvie, Kendra Schiffman, Matthew Taylor, Nicole Truesdell, Matt Vadnais, Cecil Youngblood