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The Logan Museum’s Cross-campus Curricular Collaborations

January 28, 2016
Museum Mondays

The Logan Museum’s Cross-campus Curricular Collaborations

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Last fall, students in many FYIs and other courses experienced the Logan Museum of Anthropology through various collections-based activities. This semester, faculty and students in programs ranging from chemistry to theatre, dance, and media studies are once again participating in active, object-based programs in the museum. Here are some of the courses (other than anthropology and museum studies) using Logan collections this spring:

·         BIOL 217, Evolution (Jim Schulte)

·         CHEM 117, Chemistry (Kevin Braun, Kristin Labby, Kayla Matz)

·         CHEM 370, Chemistry in Art (Kristin Labby)

·         ESL 242, U.S. Culture and Film (Christina Eddington)

·         HIST 150, Slavery and Abolition (Justin Pope)

·         IDST 292, Cyborg Brains and Human Minds (Robin Zebrowski)

·         MUSI 160, Music Cultures of the World (Tes Slominski)

·         TDMS 250, Textile Art and Surface Design (Donna Thalman).

·         WRIT 100, Writing Seminar: The Dirt on Dirt (Christi Clancy)


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A survey we conducted last year shows that greater engagement with museum collections improves learning outcomes. As a teaching museum with over 350,000 collection objects from 125 countries and 600 cultural groups, and with staff versed in visual and material-culture pedagogy, the Logan is well positioned to help faculty develop and implement effective museum-based activities, programs, and modules.

Although this semester is nearly booked up, contact anyone at the Logan to explore ideas for future curricular collaborations.

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