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Advising Practicum is Friday, March 24. See the full schedule or use the Sched app to plan your day.

International Relations

Beth DoughertyBeth Dougherty

Manger Family Professorship in International Relations and Professor of Political Science

Can speak about Middle East politics, human rights, U.S. foreign policy, and drones

To read more about Dougherty's work, click here or here.



Rachel EllettRachel Ellett

Mouat Junior Professor of International Relations and Associate Professor of Political Science

Can speak about comparative courts, judicial politics, and rule of law development in sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on Anglophone eastern and southern Africa

To read more about Ellett's work, click here.



John RappJohn Rapp

Professor of Political Science and founder of Beloit College’s Asian Studies program

Can speak about Chinese politics, Communist and post-Communist systems, comparative democracies, Chinese and comparative political thought, elections in foreign countries, and electoral reform

To read more about Rapp's work, click here.



Pablo ToralPablo Toral

Associate Professor of Political Science

Can speak about international relations, environmental studies, Latin American affairs, and European affairs

To read more about Toral's work, click here