[Fred Burwell]Fred Burwell

College Archivist

Can speak about Beloit College history and Beloit area history

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[Ellen Joyce]Ellen Joyce

Associate Professor of History

Can speak about church history, medieval history, and contemporary Catholicism

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[Rob LaFleur]Robert André LaFleur

Professor of History and Anthropology

Can speak about the history of China and East Asia (including Japan and Korea); cultural analysis (social and cultural "theory") of a wide array of topics; historical archives; and management and business (he is currently writing a management book of lessons from China)

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[Beatrice McKenzie]Beatrice McKenzie

Associate Professor of History

Can speak about U.S. immigration and citizenship issues, historical or present

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[Linda Sturtz]Linda Sturtz

George Russell Corlis Chair in History and Professor of History

Can speak about colonial, Jamaican, and women’s history