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Fred BurwellFred Burwell

College Archivist

Can speak about Beloit College history and Beloit area history

To read more about Burwell's work, click here


Ellen JoyceEllen Joyce

Associate Professor of History

Can speak about church history, medieval history, and contemporary Catholicism

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Rob LaFleurRobert André LaFleur

Professor of History and Anthropology

Can speak about the history of China and East Asia (including Japan and Korea); cultural analysis (social and cultural "theory") of a wide array of topics; historical archives; and management and business (he is currently writing a management book of lessons from China)

To learn more about LaFleur’s work, visit his blog.



Beatrice McKenzieBeatrice McKenzie

Associate Professor of History

Can speak about U.S. immigration and citizenship issues, historical or present

To read more about McKenzie's work, click here.



Linda SturtzLinda Sturtz

George Russell Corlis Chair in History and Professor of History

Can speak about colonial, Jamaican, and women’s history