Health & Society

[Greg Buchanan]Gregory Buchanan

Associate Professor of Psychology

Can speak about mental illness, especially depression, anxiety, and sexual disorders; body image (dissatisfaction, distortion, and eating disorders); and sexual identity (transgender, transsexual, and sexual orientation)

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[Suzanne Cox]Suzanne Cox

Professor of Psychology

Can speak about life-span developmental psychology, child growth and development, women's health, pediatric psychology, parent-child relationships, and emotional development




[Theodore Gries]Theodore Gries 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Can speak about biochemistry of metabolism; DNA and protein biochemistry




[Kathryn Johnson]Kathryn Johnson

Assistant Professor of Biology

Could speak about human physiology, diabetes and obesity, human anatomy and biology, and neurobiology

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[Nancy Krusko]Nancy Krusko

William S. Godfrey, Jr. Professorship in Anthropology and Professor of Anthropology

Could speak about forensic anthropology, medical anthropology, evolutionary medicine, and women's health

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[Rongal Nikora]Rongal Nikora

Assistant Professor of Health and Society

Can speak about the infant mortality rate, racial and ethnic politics in the United States, global health policy, U.S. health policy, and health inequalities

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[Laura Parmentier]Laura Parmentier

Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Can speak about medicinal and organic chemistry




[Matt Tedesco]Matthew Tedesco

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Could speak about biomedical ethics and environmental ethics

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[Pablo Toral]Pablo Toral

Associate Professor of Political Science

Could speak about environmental studies and global political ecology

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