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On Today's Headlines

From politics to the environment and from sports to health, Beloit College faculty and staff are prepared to give their perspectives on an array of topics in the news.

Please contact Communications Specialist Hilary Dickinson at or 608-363-2849 to arrange an interview.

For more sources on today’s news, browse the expertise of our faculty/staff in the Sources Guide.

Here are some potential sources available to speak on the following timely topics.


Jim Zielinski

Director of Admissions

With Commencement fast approaching, Zielinski can speak about the value of a degree from Beloit College, job prospects for graduates, and Beloit College's place in the community at large. 

National Mental Health Awareness Month (May)

Bill ConoverBill Conover

Director of the Spiritual Life Program

Conover leads a weekly “drop-in mindfulness” session for members of the campus community and teaches a course in the psychology department called the Mindfulness Workshop. He can speak about stress, mental health, mindfulness, and meditation.

For more information on Conover’s expertise, read “How To Live in the Moment” from the spring 2014 issue of Beloit College Magazine.