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SCIENCE FRIDAY Chemistry of Shapes: Nanoscience by Stephen Rudisill'09

Date: Friday, October 6th, 2017

Time: 12:30 pm

Duration: 1 hour

map of SCIENCE FRIDAY Chemistry of Shapes: Nanoscience by Stephen Rudisill'09

Sanger Science Center: Room 150

Beloit College Campus, Beloit, WI

Contact: Kristin Labby,, 2273

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Chemistry of Shapes: Nanoscience & Additive Manufacturing Fundamentally, chemistry is all about shapes. From electron configurations in organic molecules, to nanoscale particles, all the way up to macroscale objects, the physical and chemical properties of materials are strongly dependent on how their constituent elements are arranged. This presentation will explore chemical techniques for generating nanoscale and microscale objects with complex geometry, as well as methods to uniquely address different areas or locations on those objects. Specific topics/applications discussed include solar thermochemical reactions, biomedical prosthetics, 3D printing, chemical industry, and careers in chemistry.

Stephen Rudisill’09 holds a B.S. in Chemistry and Theater Arts from Beloit College. He then went on to complete an M.S. and Ph.D in Materials Chemistry at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, studying sol-gel chemistry, templated ceramics, and other methods of morphology control in nanoscale solids. After completing his dissertation in 2015, he took a job as a R&D Chemist in HP Inc.’s 3D printing organization, where he develops fluidic agents for the Multi-Jet Fusion technology platform. His family – Rhiannon Rudisill’09 and twins Ethan and Evelyn – live and work in San Diego, CA.