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Time with People

Date: Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Time: 6:30 pm

Duration: 1 hour

map of Time with People

Wilson Theatre

Beloit College Campus, Beloit, WI

Contact: Yvonne Wu,, 2374

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an experimental opera
by Tim Parkinson
performed ba•pe•rio•di•ca 10-piece ensemble based in Chicago
6:30pm PRE-SHOW features Beloit students performing an excerpt from the opera: Denzel Dawkins, Nathan Hunter, Michael Li, Jack Madson, Nicolette Muldrow, MacLain Peacock, Nata Price, Corina Sterbet, TianYi Wang
Come early for the short performance and a brief discussion with students, audience, and the ensemble about the the opera's unique sound world.
7:00pm SHOW 

Using absurdity, humor, and non-narrativity to redefine notions of music and memory, Time With People is an hour-long music and theatre work by British composer Tim Parkinson (b. 1973).

As Parkinson writes, “TIME WITH PEOPLE, an opera in seven scenes, for ten people and assorted objects, redefines fundamentals of opera from its 16th century origins . . . reconceived from elements of 21st century post-historical culture.” The piece hearkens back to the traditional sense of an opera as a collection of works, yet upends tradition by largely removing music and the orchestra, leaving behind only fragments, both musical and literal: recorded excerpts of Handel and Rossini begin and end the work, while a trash-strewn set serves as an orchestra of found objects as the performers wade through it.

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