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Beloit College board of trustees approves tenure for eight faculty members

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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The Beloit College board of trustees approved the tenure and promotion of eight faculty members during its spring meeting held in early February.

They are Lisa Anderson-Levy, in the anthropology department; Daniel Barolsky, in the music department; Kristin Bonnie in the psychology department; Rachel Ellett in the political science department; Jennifer Esperanza in the anthropology department; Jingjing Lou in the education & youth studies department; Amy Tibbitts in the modern languages & literatures department; and Robin Zebrowski in the psychology department.

In addition to receiving tenure, all eight faculty members were promoted to the rank of associate professor. Bios follow on each of them:


Lisa Anderson-LevyAnderson-Levy’s work involves race and whiteness, gender and feminist methodologies, citizenship theory, critical race theory and reproductions of white/raced identities. Her geographic area of expertise is Jamaica.





Daniel BarolskyBarolsky specializes in music history and theory, history of performers (i.e. Glenn Gould) and performance, history of recordings and the relationship between performance and analysis. This semester he is teaching a course that will culminate in Symposium on Two Kreutzer Sonatas: Music and Meaning in Beethoven and Tolstoy on Saturday, March 29.




Kristin BonnieBonnie’s research areas includes physiological psychology, animal cognition (especially of primates) and environmental psychology. Next year, she will go on sabbatical to study social cognition in primates at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.





Rachel EllettEllett has expertise on comparative courts, judicial politic, and rule of law development in sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on Anglophone eastern and southern Africa. During her sabbatical next year, she will, among other things, continue to consult with Freedom House Southern Africa and participate in a workshop on African courts in Niger.




Jennifer EsperanzaEsperanza’s interests are in language and culture/linguistics, the political economy, consumerism/the consumer society and food activism (the slow food movement and community gardening). Her geographic area of expertise is Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore).




Jingjing LouLou’s past and current research projects include rural youth and rural education, education for sustainable development and the internalization of U.S. public schools. Her geographic focus is primarily on China with experience in other countries including Russia, Japan and the U.S.



Amy TibbitsTibbitts is knowledgeable on the Spanish language and contemporary Peninsular literature, as well as authority and dictatorship in Spanish cinema. This semester, she is coordinating a Spanish film festival running through Friday, Feb. 28.





Robin ZebrowskiZebrowski’s interests include the role of the body in cognition in fields from artificial intelligence to bioethics, as well as the pedagogical utility of science fiction and comic books.