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Mindset List authors to speak to NASA as part of tour

Monday, October 15, 2012

MEDIA CONTACT: Ron Nief at or 608-770-2625                                                                                                       

Ron Nief and Tom McBride, coauthors of The Mindset Lists of American History: From Typewriters to Text Messages, What Ten Generations of Americans Think is Normal, will share their ideas with diverse audiences around the country in the coming months.  From keynote talks at conferences to dinners and book signings, their fall speaking tour will take them from Chicago to Dallas and Washington.

The highlight of the speaking tour will be an October 24 presentation to the staff, scientists and engineers at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. Part of the space agency’s annual “Exploring Leadership Colloquium,” the program will be seen on closed circuit television at NASA facilities around the country.

Later in October, the team will make two presentations at the Chicago History Museum.  The first will be at a reception honoring Chicago’s top history teachers and the second will be to the History Museum staff on the connections between museums and teaching history.

On November 3, the authors will talk to the national JumpStart Coalition’s annual conference for educators on financial literacy, held this year in Chicago.  Jumpstart is a national movement to develop programs to increase financial understanding among students. The meeting brings educators from every state and will include a reception at the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank.

The new year will open with two talks in January at the NCAA national convention in Dallas. They will deliver the keynote address to the conference and then will do a special presentation for presidents and chancellors of Division II colleges and universities.

During this period the authors will do a number of book signings with a special signing and reception at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

“Our book is being used in more and more classrooms,” according to Nief. “We have enjoyed the chance to talk to educators around the country and tell them about the success of courses like the AP American History course that uses the book at Beloit Memorial High School. Tom McBride will offer a course this spring at Beloit College for Porter Scholars that will tie in with our Mindset Lists of American Families program.”

According to McBride, “The generation gap touches nearly everything, from the workplace at NASA to the way museums present history; from the way today’s teens understand financial literacy to how this generation has grown up with an entirely different set of ideas about intercollegiate sports. In addition, people are discovering that our book The Mindset Lists of American History provides a dandy way to teach the history of almost everything, for history is a matter of how what seems ‘normal’ to one generation appears astonishing to another.”