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Beloit to devote upcoming day to advising

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Biannual event demonstrates college’s unique commitment to advising

MEDIA CONTACT: Hilary Dickinson at or 608-363-2849

Following the success of last year’s first Advising Practicums, Beloit College will once again cancel classes and devote a whole day to preparing students for their futures on Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Since the event takes place on Halloween, the college has had some fun promoting it, hanging ghoulish posters around campus reading “Don’t be a zombie, be advised!” and “Don’t be a ghost, be there!”

First implemented in the fall of 2012, Advising Practicum is a biannual event that preempts classes for an entire day prior to advising week. The goal is to help students step back, reflect on their interests, and start planning early to get the most out of their education.

“Beloit’s Advising Practicum gives students the opportunity to refocus on the big picture—on the connections between their past and present learning experiences and their future aspirations—right in the middle of each semester, and it offers them the tools and guidance they need to achieve those aspirations,” said Natalie Gummer, co-director of first- and second-year programs. “A full day each semester devoted to helping students figure out where they want to go and how to get there: that’s a commitment to advising that is unique to Beloit.”

The day begins with first-year students participating in special advising sessions, followed by concurrent workshops open to all students on topics ranging from finding balance and health, answering the “So what” question, and making and leveraging connections.

The last half of the day is devoted to departmental sessions, which gives students the opportunity to receive in-depth advising about programs and majors. Past sessions have included “Anthropology: What Does One Do After Graduation” and “What Can You Do With a History Degree?”

The day wraps up with a networking reception with business leaders, community organizations, and alumni that will provide students with a chance to practice their networking skills and to welcome members of the wider community to campus.

Last year’s Advising Practicums attracted hundreds of students to the more than 150 available sessions, received a positive reaction from the student newspaper, and garnered Beloit national publicity with both The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Education taking notice of Beloit’s reinvigorated focus on advising.

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