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New Beloit College summer program open to area undergraduates

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Earn credit by concentrating on one of four three-week courses

MEDIA CONTACT: Hilary Dickinson at or 608-363-2849

Enter the creative spark lab. Write on two wheels. Ponder evil.  Explore the world of fair, green and organic.  

These topics are the bases of Beloit College’s new Summer Block courses, taking place from May 17-June 6. In these intensive three-week courses, undergraduates have the opportunity to explore a topic in depth, work with similarly focused students and faculty, and earn the equivalent of 1.0 unit of credit. (One unit of Beloit credit is equivalent to four semester hours or six quarter hours.)

“The block format allows students and faculty to deeply explore a course topic in a way that is often not possible in the regular academic year when both students and faculty balance multiple classes and commitments,” said Alisa Pykett, director of summer programs.

Tuition for one course is $2,961, and housing from May 16 through June 6 is $305. March 14 is the early registration deadline, and April 4 is the final registration deadline. The enrollment deposit fee is $65 for those who register early and $100 for everyone else.

Students who wish to transfer Summer Block credit to their current institution should make sure their institution will accept the credit before enrolling.

The 2012 Summer Block courses are as follows:

Structuring Chaos:  Jump Starting Creative Work

For artists of all kinds, this course explores and experiments with the initial "spark" that leads to new artistic creation. There will be performances/exhibitions for the Beloit community, as well as a field trip to Chicago to play with professional artists.

Reading, Writing and Riding the Bicycle

Is the bicycle really a perfect technology or just a great liberal arts vehicle? This cross-disciplinary course entails morning classroom sessions (on everything from bike mechanics to new urban fixie culture) and afternoon group rides in the Beloit area.

Conceiving Evil

Do you want to fight, avoid or commit evil?  First you need to figure out what evil is.  With a series of eight different visiting faculty, this course examines historical efforts to understand evil from Job to Eichmann in Jerusalem.

Fair, Green, Organic and Natural:  Social Responsibility and the New Conscious Consumer

What’s driving corporations to be more responsible? How can and do consumers push them with their buying power?   This course analyzes these trends and the forces driving them, through a blend of in-class teamwork and off-campus practicums. Prepare for − and get − an internship after the course ends.

For more information on Beloit Summer Block courses, click here or contact Alisa Pykett, director of summer programs, at or 608-363-2373.