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Beloit College students to prepare for future in first-ever Advising Practicum

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day-long series on Wednesday, Nov. 2 devoted to advising on campus opportunities

MEDIA CONTACT: Hilary Dickinson at or 608-363-2849

Beloit College wants to prepare students for their futures so much so that it won’t be holding any classes on Wednesday, Nov. 2.

That day will instead be used to educate students about all their options on campus in the first-ever Advising Practicum, a full-day series of workshops and discussions devoted to advising on field work opportunities, internships, careers, funding and work-based study abroad.

To be held every semester before advising week, the Advising Practicum is designed to help students develop their academic plans and reflect on their educational experiences and interests.

“This is a chance to work on articulating the value of your liberal arts education,” said Charles Westerberg, an associate dean and the director of the Liberal Arts in Practice Center. “This is an opportunity to find the connections between the different facets of your experiences both in the classroom and outside of it.”

The Advising Practicum begins with initiative advising workshops for first-year initiative students followed by concurrent sessions offering discussions on such topics as “So you think study abroad isn’t for you? Think again,” “Fact: Liberal arts graduates can get jobs,” and “Is graduate school right for you?” These sessions, according to Westerberg, show students how their Beloit education fits together.

The last half of the day is devoted to departmental sessions, which gives students the unique opportunity to get some in-depth advising about the programs and majors, according to Westerberg. For example, the Comparative Literature Department is hosting, “Everything you ever wanted to know about comparative literature but were afraid to ask,” and the History Department is holding, “What’s it like to get a Ph.D. in history?”

In addition, Westerberg said many of the sessions will include alumni who will tell students how they are putting their majors to practical use in the real world.  

For more information on Advising Practicum, which is sponsored by Academic Affairs and Student Life, contact Westerberg at 608-363-2272 or co-director of first- and second-year programs Natalie Gummer at 608-363-2346.