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In the Boundary Waters, students learned how to do applied research and navigate without internet or WiFi service.

Into the Wilderness

December, 2021

Students who traversed the Boundary Waters wilderness area in northern Minnesota last summer learned – among other things – how to think about equity in their surroundings, understand a mining controversy, and explore the nature of nature itself.

Marlena Fraune’13 headshot

Freeing You from Unrewarding Tasks

December, 2021

In which ways and in which contexts can advances in technology improve the quality of human lives? Learn with psychologist Marlena Fraune’13.

Antariksh Sharma’23 in the Marjorie and James Sanger Center for the Sciences.

Taking a chance

December, 2021

Born and raised in Mumbai, Antariksh Sharma’23 was in his last year of high school when he was presented with two starkly different options: join the Indian Merchant Navy and travel the world aboard a commercial ship or move to the United States to study at Beloit College. He chose Beloit and hasn’t looked back.

Beloiters lovingly wear out their turtle socks. Take this pair from Nick Mischler’14, which he brought to Japan while studying abroad.

The socks that sold me

December, 2021

I’m not arguing that I went to Beloit just because I received turtle socks in the mail from President Scott Bierman. That would be a little silly. But it reminded me of the reasons why I already loved Beloit — and still love it to this day. (Plus, the socks are awesome.)

Students honed their collaborative and performance skills as they put on a fall fashion show, part of a course called “Ephemeral Art.”

What it means when art is fleeting

December, 2021

Students painted water calligraphy on a sidewalk and let it dry in the sunshine, performed improvisational music, and strutted their stuff at an outdoor fashion show. It was all part of a fascinating course that studies ephemeral art and then has students work together to create something impermanent.

Tamara Fouché’10

“I’m glad I got to grow up here.”

December, 2021

Tamara Fouché’10 has returned to Beloit as Director of Development and President Liaison. Her busy, politically active student days — which included introducing then-Senator Barack Obama when he spoke on campus in 2008 — deeply influenced her and her career thus far.

Caitlin Abrams’08 uses D2, a non-toxic biocide, to clean gravestones.

Grave cleaner-turned-TikTok star

December, 2021

Russian language major and software educator Caitlin Abrams’08 has become a TikTok star for creating videos that investigate the life (and death) of everyday people — all while cleaning their gravestones. Abrams reflects on how she got here.

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