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Zöe Koenig’18 rehearses for a Beloit College dance trip to Newfoundland. After Beloit, Zöe has continued dancing professionally.

Navigating careers in the arts

January, 2023

Led by recent alumni in art, dance, media studies, music, and theatre, students and alumni got together in a Career Accelerator session to discuss strategies for the first few years after graduation, including finding internships, building a professional network, making money in the arts, applying to grad school, and more.

Regina Hendrix

Help Yourself Director Regina Hendrix honored as top Wisconsin Black leader

January, 2023

Beloit College Help Yourself Program Director Regina Hendrix has been recognized as one of Wisconsin’s most influential Black leaders. Hendrix is dedicated to preparing local youth to be successful in school and preparing students to attend a four-year institution of higher education. She joined the program in 2012 and has worked her way to the top over the past 10 years. In 2014, she became the first Black woman on the Beloit City Council, where she served until 2017.

Regina Hendrix was inspired by the beauty and culture of Africa, during a recent trip.

Help Yourself Program Director Regina Hendrix discovers roots in Kenya

January, 2023

“Welcome home” was the resounding message Regina Hendrix, director of Help Yourself Programs at Beloit College received through her five-day trip to Kenya, Africa, in late November. The trip and the people she met inspired her to pursue unity and live in the moment and bring to experience to Help Yourself programming.

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