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Q. Do I have to enter the competition in order to attend myCHOICES week events?
A. No you do not!  We think the programming stands on its own as pretty awesome.  Go to as many events during the week as you want…we’d love to see you!

Q. Is this only for students?
A. Nope.  We’d love to see staff, faculty, and students at all of the presentations!

Q. How many people can be on a team?
A. Each team should have three members.

Q. What happens if there is a tie for the competition?
A.  We will draw names out of a hat in the case of a tie.

Q. Is this only for athletes?
A. While we think that athletes are students first and athletes second, myCHOICES week is for the entire campus community.

Q. Can a team have more than one team member at one event?
A. You sure can…get as many stamps as you can!

Q. How do I get the free t-shirt?
A. T-shirts will be available on a 1st come, 1st served basis at the Turtle Trot.

Q. What happens if we have different clubs represented on our team?
A. If your team wins one of the top prizes, we will split the money evenly between all clubs represented.

Q. What is CHOICES Beloit?
A.  CHOICES Beloit is a health and wellness program made possible by an NCAA grant.  Please click the CHOICES Beloit link for more information.