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The misuse of alcohol by college students is of great concern to the NCAA.  In an effort to educate students about the risks involved with the misuse of alcohol, the NCAA has developed CHOICES, a grant program for alcohol education.  Through the CHOICES program, the NCAA provides funding for NCAA member institutions and conferences to integrate athletics into campus-wide efforts to reduce alcohol abuse.

CHOICES Beloit is a three-year program that will focus on collaboration among students, faculty, and staff to cultivate a healthy campus community.  While alcohol education will be the foundation upon which all of our programming is built, wellness is and will remain a constant theme of our educational efforts.

Here are a few, but certainly not all, of the goals that CHOICES Beloit strives to achieve:

1.       Improve current educational programming that will ultimately educate the entire campus community about Beloit College‚Äôs alcohol philosophy.

2.       Focus on wellness. Not only will we offer students opportunities to learn more about drugs and alcohol, but as our tagline states: our students will learn to make healthy choices to lead healthy lives, both during their time on campus and after they have graduated.

3.       Create a campus environment that is appreciative and inclusive of various clubs, student organizations, and athletic teams by increasing the collaboration among those groups in helping the campus community make healthy choices.

The CHOICES Beloit team is excited to bring this health and wellness programming to the Beloit College community.

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