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Alcohol Philosophy

One of the goals of the CHOICES Beloit wellness program is to continuously expose the campus community to Beloit College’s Alcohol Philosophy.  The success of the philosophy is dependent on the entire community…be informed!

“The illegal use or abuse of alcohol is viewed as a violation of College policy. It is our view that the illegal use and/or abuse of alcohol may be detrimental to students’ health, safety, and academic success. As an educational institution, we place a great deal of responsibility on you, the student. The decision to use or not use should be yours and yours alone. Any sort of peer pressure to use alcohol violates the norms of the college community. For those who do choose to use, Beloit College expects you to drink responsibly. In order to ensure a safe and positive environment for everyone, irresponsible behavior should be confronted by the entire College community, including students, faculty, and staff.”

We expect and intend for myCHOICES week to be a substance free event.