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Departmental Performances

Music at Beloit College - Fall 2017

Doors will open approx. 30 minutes before listed start time. No tickets required. Admission is free, your contributions are appreciated and help the Department of Music to bring special guest artists to you.

Friday, September 22 – 7:00 pm @ Wilson Theatre
Time with People featuring guest ensemble
Pre-show workshop at 6:30pm

Using absurdity, humor, and non-narrativity to redefine notions of music and memory, Time With People is an hour-long music and theatre work by British composer Tim Parkinson (b. 1973). As Parkinson writes, “TIME WITH PEOPLE, an opera in seven scenes, for ten people and assorted objects, redefines fundamentals of opera from its 16th century origins . . . reconceived from elements of 21st century post-historical culture.”

The piece hearkens back to the traditional sense of an opera as a collection of works, yet upends tradition by largely removing music and the orchestra, leaving behind only fragments, both musical and literal: recorded excerpts of Handel and Rossini begin and end the work, while a trash-strewn set serves as an orchestra of found objects as the performers wade through it.                   

Friday, October 6 – 7:30 pm @ Eaton Chapel
Wisconsin Baroque Ensemble Concert

A performance by the professional period instrument and vocal ensemble

Saturday, October 7 – 7:30 pm @ Hendricks Center for the Arts
Music Concert by Beloit Alum – Christopher (Kit) Jones ‘69

A performance by a former Beloiter. Christopher Mark Jones's early musical itinerary included busking in Paris, the English folk club circuit, tours of Denmark and Holland, then electric clubs in New England. These days his stomping ground is the Eastern U.S., playing festivals, clubs, small concert series, house concerts and coffeehouses in formats ranging from solo to full band. He sings soulful country and blues-inflected Americana narratives in a voice "slightly rough around the edges.” (Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) His fifth album, Incantations, is scheduled for 2017 release. ”Original songs, impeccable guitar styles, moving lyrics” (Annie Trimble, house concert host and musician).

Monday, November 6 – 12:30 pm @ Eaton Chapel
"Broken shields and hammered vowels"—New Music for Voice and Percussion
    Percussionists Jennifer Torrence (Norway) and Bonnie Whiting (Seattle) join Jessica Aszodi (Chicago) in an afternoon of new music for voice and percussion.
    The program features Assistant Professor of Music Yvonne Wu's Four Poems of Li-Young Lee, Paula Matthusen's The old language is the old language, with its lance and greaves, broken shields and hammered vowels for crash cymbals, resonant feedback, and singing, Bethany Younge's Yappy Pace for small electronic toys, DIY electronics, and speaking percussionists, and John Holland’s theatrical “Solo” for soprano.

Thursday, November 16 – 6:11 pm @ Eaton Chapel
Chamber Singers Choral Concert
A Land Not Far Away...
Christopher Joyner, director

Monday, November 20 – 7:30 pm @ Eaton Chapel
Winds & Jazz Concert
featuring two Beloit College ensembles:
Wind Ensemble – Glenn Wilfong, conductor
Jazz Ensemble – John Meyers, director

Wednesday, November 29 –7:30 pm @ Wright Museum
Woodwind Quintet Concert
Carol Rosing, director

Thursday, November 30 - 7:30 pm @ Eaton Chapel
North Atlantic Music Ensemble Concert

Tes Slominski, director

Friday, December 01 – 7:30 pm @ Wright Museum
Installations and music by InterArts Ensemble & Composition Students
Yvonne Wu, director

Sunday, December 03 – 4:30 pm @ Eaton Chapel
Holiday Concert
Christopher Joyner, director of choirs

Wednesday, December 6 – 7:30 pm @ Java Joint
Sax, Jazz and Improv Concert
featuring the Saxophone Quartet, Jazz Improv, & Beloit College Improvisation Ensemble Anders Svanoe, director

Thursday, December 7 – 7:30 pm @ Wright Museum
Creative Strings Collective Concert
Amber Dolphin, director

Saturday, December 9 – 7:30 pm @ Hendricks Center, 204
Evening on Broadway
Musical theatre selections performed by Beloit College vocalists



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