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Beloit College is pleased to present a variety of performances, including recitals by student soloists, music faculty members, and concerts by faculty-directed ensembles. You will find a complete listing of these events scheduled during the current semester at Departmental Performances.

Victor E. Ferrall, Jr. Endowed Artists-in-Residence Program

February 18-23, 2019 Suzanne Thorpe
Suzanne Thorpe is a sound installation artist, scholar, composer, flutist, and improviser. Her Keynote Artist Talk discusses acoustic ecology and her process of composing in relation to place. The weeklong residency culminates in her performance among a constellation of sound installations by Beloit students.

Keynote Artist Talk: Wednesday, Feb 20, 12:30-1:30pm. Moore Lounge
“Towards an Eco-logical Mode of Musicking”

Today the word ecology is used in many ways, from indicating the health of the natural environment to referencing interconnected systems and their relations. Likewise, the term acoustic ecology has many applications, referring to sounds of a particular setting and their interactions, or the acoustic health of an environment. In my talk I will discuss how I adopt the term ecology, and its many meanings, in my music practice to create a compositional approach that I call a logic of ecology. I will detail how I use listening, through the Deep Listening practice of Pauline Oliveros and technical media, and systems thinking to compose relationally with the acoustic characteristics and behaviors of a place. I will also address how this approach to composition challenges traditional notions of composer as singular author. Along the way, I’ll engage with philosophers/critical theorists Jean-Luc Nancy, Rosi Braidotti, and anthropologist Andrew Pickering to illustrate how this paradigm shift creates opportunities for human participants to experience their own material interconnectedness with their environment.

Concert: Saturday, Feb 23, 7:30pm. Wright Museum of Art, Courtyard
"Sounding Beloit"

This event will be the culmination of Suzanne Thorpe’s collaboration with Beloit students in Sounding Ecologies, the course designed around her visit. Students will have built sound mobiles, which include original compositions based on recorded sounds they have collected around Beloit and from places in their lives. The mobiles will be hung around the Wright Museum of Art, creating a new environment of sounds. The performance will feature Thorpe improvising on her flute and responding to the mobiles—a musical exploration of intertwining spaces.

Suzanne Thorpe is a composer, performer, scholar and educator. She creates site-oriented sound compositions that use a variety of media and technology, and performs on the electroacoustic flute, expanded with digital and analog tools. She is also a Deep Listening instructor, having studied in depth with American Composer and Deep Listening Founder Pauline Oliveros. Thorpe’s compositions draws upon traditions of acoustic ecology, soundscape, land art, and improvisation, and her research intersects with new materialism, systems theory, and environmental ethics.

She has performed and exhibited her work internationally, and has been awarded the Frog Peak Collective Award for innovative research in technology, along with grants from Harvestworks Digital Media Foundation, New Music USA, and the MAP Fund. Having earned her MFA at Mills College in Electronic Music & Media, Thorpe is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at University California, San Diego, and co-founder and director of TECHNE, an education organization whose goal is to close the gender gap in technology oriented endeavors.