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Beloit College & Community Choir

Formerly known as the Masterworks Chorus, the Beloit College & Community Choir is a large choral ensemble composed of Beloit College students, faculty, staff, and members of the surrounding community. Community members are encouraged to join this group which meets on Monday evenings. More information is available from Beth Pohl,  Registration is open to all students by consent of the instructor; no audition is required.

Chamber Singers 

A choral ensemble devoted to the study and performance of quality choral literature of all styles and historical periods and to the development of musicianship, choral singing, and fundamental musical skills. Membership is open to all students through audition.

Creative Strings Collective

This innovative string ensemble (violin, viola, cello, bass) will break into nonconventional genres for strings in addition to performing traditional string orchestra repertoire. The course may include but is not limited to the following styles: bluegrass, blues, classical, free improv, jazz, Latin, pop and tango. Students will be encouraged to engage through performance, improvisation and theory with opportunities for arranging and composition. Neither prior improvisational skills nor theory background are required. (2A) Prerequisites: consent of instructor

Wind Ensemble

The wind ensemble is open to qualified students and area musicians. The band is a full ensemble of 50-60 players. It presents a major concert each semester. More information is available from Beth Pohl,

Jazz Ensemble

Instrumentalists interested in exploring jazz participate in this ensemble. Repertoire ranges from high velocity jazz to some sweet, some swing, and some in between. Open by the consent of the instructor.

North Atlantic Music Ensemble 

The North Atlantic Music Ensemble invites students interested in learning, playing and performing traditional material from Atlantic Europe (particularly Ireland and Britain), North America, and the Nordic countries. Ensemble members may play a variety of acoustic instruments (including fiddle, flute and guitar), sing, and dance.

Introduction to Improvisation: Unlock the Creativity Within

This course is designed for the music and non-music major at Beloit College. The course is open to all ability levels wishing to study the basics of improvisation. The class will be run as a class/rehearsal hybrid. Students will learn basic improvisational concepts within a broader musical spectrum and creatively apply this knowledge to their instrument or voice. The class will not focus on any one musical genre per se, but will have a definite leaning towards freely improvised music, free jazz, electronic music, and chance music.

InterArts Ensemble

Members of this ensemble create original performance and installation pieces out of interdisciplinary collaborations. Writers, actors, dancers, musicians, visual and multimedia artists, and all creative people who are interested in stretching their own art forms and experimenting with new ones are encouraged to join. Students work on multiple collaborative projects each semester. The ensemble also designs the culminating event, which may speak to a chosen theme. All styles and skill levels are welcome.  Contact the ensemble director for information about how to join.


Chamber Music

Small instrumental ensembles of varying sizes are regularly organized and coached by the music department faculty. Examples include the following: Flute Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, French Horn Ensemble, String Quartets, Woodwind Ensemble. (Require min. 4 registered students)

NOTE: All music ensembles at Beloit College may be taken for 0.25 units of academic credit.