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In the museums, students serve as curators, educators

December 18, 2012 at 8:05 pm

Throughout the fall semester, students logged many hours at the Wright Museum exploring the interdisciplinary aspects of a liberal arts education, doing everything from creating and leading programs, designing and installing exhibits, and exploring the uses of the museum’s collections and proposed acquisitions. The Wright Museum wants to recognize the efforts of these students and invite the Beloit community to view their efforts as a blueprint for future projects.

miguel estrella 

Miguel Estrella’12, above, was an integral component of the Wright’s collaboration with Doodles of Beloit and the Boys and Girls Club. Miguel led interactive tours of the exhibit Looking Ahead, preparing these eager young minds to create self-portraits (below) under the direction of Nikole Wagner from Doodles of Beloit. Also acting as docents for eager young museum visitors were Claire Aichholzer’16, Hope Doucet’15, Epiphany Compton’15 and Ximena Mora’12.


As part of an advanced art history project, Mora also did the curatorial groundwork for a significant exhibition on immigration art. Mora has put together an extensive portfolio of artwork and has contacted both artists and galleries dealing with this important issue. While Mora will graduate this semester, the project holds an opportunity for another Beloit College student to actualize an exhibition on immigration art.

Matsuri doll 

In developing their research interests both Sarah Conn’13 and Lauren Saad’12 augmented the Wright’s exhibition repertoire. Saad focused on the issue of gender by curating a focused exhibition that questioned the absence of female artists. Conn’s interest in Japanese culture has produced a detailed study of kimono in the Wright’s collections as well as researching the Hinamatsuri dolls, which will be exhibited in mid-February in concert with a festival of the same name. Stop by the Wright before March 3 to see the dolls on display.

taken for granted 

To complete her honors term, Kelly Hayes’12 exhibited a small selection of landscapes belonging to the Wright. The size of the show is in inverse proportion with the extended research that went into the project. In preparation for this exhibit, Hayes researched both the concept of landscape as well as specific examples of landscape paintings and prints from the Wright’s collections. Kelly’s show, Taken for Granted: A Second Look at Landscapes, will be on display through January in the Neese gallery.