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At Beloit, museums aren't considered stale, staid repositories for artifacts and art; instead, they're ever-evolving laboratories for learning and exploration. And we have two of them: the Logan Museum of Anthropology, and the Wright Museum of Art.

Both offer mesmerizing exhibits and are open to the public, but they're also home to extensive permanent collections that become the rich base for student coursework and research. They're not disciplinary silos, either. A recent religious studies class, for example, scoured the collections of both museums to curate an exhibit of sacred objects that was displayed, in turn, in both the Wright Museum, the Logan Museum, and online. A political science class might create an exhibit of protest art; writing students use visual art as a muse for their prose.

The museums also provide the perfect backdrop for the college's museum studies minor, a six-unit specialization that finds students doing everything from curating exhibits to maintaining and restoring objects and art and learning about the contexts and uses for cultural and natural objects.


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          11 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

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