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Living Arts

Liberal Arts in PracticeAt Beloit, students live the liberal arts. There’s no fading into the woodwork, here. You’ll be called out in class and stopped in the library by professors who know you by name, just read your paper, or saw your most recent performance. But what differentiates Beloit from anywhere else is that you’re going to be put to work. Consider yourself warned.

Students here explore complex theory, but then get their hands dirty—whether in the lab, working an internship, or conducting research in the field. Students work alongside researchers to conduct original research and to publish papers. They compose, farm, perform, research, compete, write, derive, build, grow, govern, teach, cook, dig, and debate. Beloiters instruct middle-schoolers in hip-hop dance and maintain community gardens.

Scientists from Beloit go on to be teachers; artists go into business; psychology majors fight forest fires; history majors go on to co-found major software companies; almost everyone comes out a better writer than they went in.

These are Beloiters, and they are two things, indisputably: interesting and interested. See for yourself.

Learn more about Beloit College by visiting the Admissions Web pages, where you can Apply, read what students say about the college (and their classmates), or schedule a visit, among other things.