Department Chair: Donna Oliver

CHINESEShin Yong Robinson

Shin Yong Robson, Adjunct Associate Professor of Chinese. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison (East Asian Languages & Literature / Linguistics).

She teaches courses in all levels of the Chinese language, calligraphy and linguistics. Her research interests include morphology, syntax and semantics of modern Chinese and the history of Chinese writing.

Office phone: 608-363-2322
Email: yongs@beloit.edu
Daniel Youd_1
Daniel Youd
, Professor of Chinese Language and Literature. Ph.D., Princeton University (East Asian Studies).

His teaching and research interests include Ming and Qing dynasty vernacular fiction, science fiction, utopian literature, drama, and intellectual history. He is responsible for teaching all levels of Chinese, classical Chinese and advanced literature courses in translation.

Office phone: 608-363-2081
Email: youdd@beloit.edu


Jennifer Gray, Visiting Instructor. MA, U. of Kansas (French Literature); Ph.D. Candidate, University of Wisconsin-MadisonJennifer Gray

Jennifer teaches all levels of French. Her research interests are second language acquisition, post-secondary pedagogy, literacy-based foreign language instruction, study abroad, and the use of technology in L2 classroom.

Eliana Vagalau, Visiting Assistant Professor.


K.ENGELSMAKornelia Engelsma, Visiting Instructor of German. B.A., Beloit College; M.A. German language and literature, UW-Madison.

A native of Austria, Konny teaches beginning and intermediate German, German Conversation and Composition, German civilization, and topical courses in German literature. Konny also holds a certificate in translation from the Words Language Services in Dublin, Ireland, (English into German) Specialty Areas: Short Documents, General Business, Marketing/Advertising/Tourism, Social/Political/EU, Legal, Technical, Scientific, Computer 

Office phone: 608-363-2320
Email: engelsmak@beloit.edu

Anna Leeper
Anna Leeper
, Visiting Instructor of German. M.A Washington University, B.A. University of Memphis, Catholic University in Eichstätt. Ph.D

Anna teaches German language, literature and culture. In addition to beginning language, her teaching and research interests focus on early modern literature, film, emotion studies, religion, and comic books.

Office phone: 608-363-2307 
Email: leepera@beloit.edu


Andras Boros-Kazai, Adjunct Associate Professor. B.A., University of Pittsburgh; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University.

A native of Budapest, Hungary, Andras teaches courses in the Hungarian language.  He also teaches interdisciplinary and Initiatives program courses. Andras conducts research in cultural history, ethnicity, cinema studies and immigration. His activities include consulting (AT&T, United Parcel Service and the courts) and translation (three plays, five volumes of fiction/non-fiction and numerous items for the U.S. government, academic publishers and research institutions). His spouse, Mary, is the Registrar at Beloit College.


Office phone:  608-363-2047
Email: boroka@beloit.edu


Susan Furukawa

Susan Westhafer Furukawa, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literature (Japanese). Ph.D in East Asian Languages and Cultures, Indiana University and M.A. in East Asian Studies, Stanford University.

She is responsible for teaching all levels of Japanese and advanced literature and culture courses in translation. Susan’s teaching and research interests include early modern and modern Japanese history, national identity in 20th-century Japan, modern literature, gender, popular culture, and media studies. 

Office Phone: 608-363-2931
Email: furukawas@beloit.edu 


Akiko Ogino, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Japanese. M.S. in Cultural Foundation of Education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Akiko teaches courses in Japanese language for all levels. In her instruction, she adopts proficiency guidelines of American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language. She is interested in integrating technology with her teaching.

Office Phone:608-363-2118
Email: oginoa@beloit.edu


Olga A. OgurtsovaOlga A. Ogurtsova, Adjunct Associate Professor of Russian. M.A., Romance and Germanic Languages, Kaliningrad State University; B.A., Romance and Germanic Languages, Kuban State University.

Professor Ogurtsova is a native of Krasnodar, Russia, and she teaches Russian Conversation and Composition, Russian civilization, and topical courses on Russian literature. She also coordinates the Russian program in Beloit College's Center for Language Studies.

Office phone: 608-363-2312
Email: ogurtsov@beloit.edu

Donna OliverDonna Oliver, Professor of Russian. Ph.D., M.A., Slavic Languages and Literatures, Northwestern University; B.A., Russian and International Studies, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Oliver teaches Elementary and Intermediate Russian, Russian culture, topical courses in Russian literature, and Russian literature in translation. You may direct inquiries about Beloit College's Russian program to her by email:

Office phone: 608-363-2252
Email: oliverd@beloit.edu 


Gabriela Cerghedean, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Spanish.  Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison.Gabriella Cerghedean

Professor Cerghedean teaches a variety of Spanish language, culture and literature courses.  Her research interests focus on Medieval Iberia. She is the author of Dreams in the Western Literary Tradition with Special Reference to Medieval Spain: A Method for Interpreting Oneiric Texts (E. Mellen Press, 2006), and has published book reviews, articles and electronic transcriptions of La Celestina (Barcelona 1525) and The Crónica Particular del Cid (1512).

Office phone:608-363-2086
Email: cerghedeang@beloit.edu

Sylvia Lopez
Sylvia López, Harry C. Moore Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish). Ph.D. and M.A. University of Chicago; B.A. Connecticut College.

Professor López teaches all levels of Spanish. Her teaching and/or research interests include late 19th-21st-Century narrative, women's literature, and U.S.-Latino literatures and cultures. You may direct inquiries about Beloit College's Spanish program to her by email.

Office phone: 608-363-2253

 Amy Tibbitts
Amy Tibbitts, Associate Professor of Spanish. Ph.D. and M.A., University Oregon; B.A. Pacific Lutheran University.

Professor Tibbitts teaches all levels of Spanish. Her teaching and research interests include contemporary Peninsular literature as well as authority and dictatorship in Spanish cinema.

Office phone: 608-363-2080
Email: tibbittsa@beloit.edu

Oswaldo Voysest
Oswaldo Voysest, Associate Professor of Spanish. Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley; B.A. University of Mass.-Boston.

Professor Voysest teaches all levels of Spanish. His research interests include nineteenth and twentieth-century Spanish-American literature. He is currently studying the works of the Peruvian writer Mercedes Cabello. 

Office Phone: 608-363-2321


Thomas P. Freeman

Thomas P. Freeman, Emeritus Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures (German). B.A. Haverford College; M.A., Ph.D. Stanford University in German and the Humanities. Language Study at Columbia University and New York University (Yiddish), Dijon University (French), and Ulpan Akiva (Hebrew).

- Teaching: Stanford, Columbia, New School for Social Research, SUNY-Brockport, Beloit College, University of Hamburg, University of Erfurt.

- Postdoctoral Fellowships: German Academic Exchange Service (U. of Hamburg), 3 Fulbrights (Universities of Hamburg and Erfurt), 2 National Endowment for the Humanities (Cornell U. and UW Milwaukee Center for 20th Century Studies), Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (University of Pittsburg), Alexander von Humboldt Foundation funded by the German government (U. of Hamburg.)

- Publications: 2 books, Hans Henny Jahnn: Eine Biographie and The Case of Hans Henny Jahnn, and 30 articles on a wide range of topics in German literature, including Goethe, Hans Henny Jahnn, and Hubert Fichte, German- and Austrian-Jewish Literature (Arthur Schnitzler. Robert Schindel, Raphael Seligmann, Kurt Tucholsky, Stefan Zweig), Yiddish Literature (Sholem Asch), Holocaust Literature, Turkish-German Literature, and the Literature of Minorities in Germany.


Jack D. Street

Jack D. Street, Harry C. Moore Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (French). Ph.D., University of Iowa (French); M.A., Middlebury College (Italian); M.A., University of Alabama (French); B.A. and B.S., Jacksonville State University (French and English).

Prof. Street teaches French language and literature, particularly contemporary literature, French Theater, French novel and cinema, and women writers of French expression. Research interests are French contemporary culture and contemporary Italian theater.

Office phone: 608-363-2261
Email: streetj@beloit.edu


cwatsonCrystal Watson, Program Coordinator
Modern Languages and Literatures Office, World Affairs Center 205A
Office phone: 608-363-2079