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Declaring Major/Minor

We are thrilled if you want to declare a mathematics major or minor (or even if you are just thinking about it). To help ensure your needs are met in the best possible way, you should discuss your major/minor plans with a math advisor before declaring a math major/minor. This makes sure you understand what will be needed, create an appropriate plan, and get to know an advisor in the math program. You are welcome to do this at any time and are encouraged to do this earlier rather than later so it is fine to approach an advisor even if you are uncertain about getting a math major/minor. You are welcome to create a plan even if you don't declare at that time. As of spring 2019, you should see Ranjan Roy to make this plan. Ranjan Roy will also sign math major/minor declaration cards once you have decided to do this. The card is then signed by your current advisor (non-math one) and then delivered to the Registrar's Office. Once you declare, you will be added to the math student mailing list (can be done before this if you want) and asked to provide a photo (if you are willing) for a major/minor photo board. You may consult with your current advisor, a math advisor, or the department chair if you have any questions.