Seeking Refuge

For millions of refugees, escaping a troubled homeland is only the beginning of an equally tough cultural transition. That’s where anthropology comes in.
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New Scholarships for Wisconsin’s Top Students

Over Homecoming weekend and in the midst of an inaugural City-College Conference held on campus in September, President Scott Bierman announced the creation of the Wisconsin Distinguished Scholar Award.
Station manager Nora Kane'16 holds up one of WBCR's many classic albums in the radio station's graffiti-covered storage ro...

Record Reorganization

Noah Oberlander’17 discovered some records over the summer, including Dr. John’s classic album, “Dr. John’s Gumbo.”
In the Neese Gallery of the Wright Museum of Art, Gaizi Jie'15 installs a propaganda poster featuring Chairman Mao sitting alongside...

The Great Yellow River: Exhibit in One Week

Since 2010, as part of an annual test of human endurance, students and alumni worked around the clock the first week of classes to put together an art exhibit for Exhibition Workshop, a museum studies course.
Spring 1973 magazine

Magazine Redesign Planned

Beloit College Magazine, though appearing under a couple of different names, has been published consistently since 1910.

New Look for Athletics

In mid-October, Beloit unveiled a major upgrade to its already acclaimed website in the form of newly redesigned athletics pages.

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