Pinto Polychrome - CA. 1275-1400

Pinto Polychrome was probably the first of the Salado Polychromes. The decoration seems to be related to Cibola Black-on-White types, differing from Gila Polychrome in that the centers are left unpainted, and the rims lack the wavy-line decorative band near the rim. Designs are often set up in quadrants and seem to be a fusion of Jeddito Style layout and Reserve Style elements.


Paste: Brick red to tan
Temper: Water-worn sand
Surface: Interiors have a thick white slip, lightly smoothed but not polished, while exteriors have a light red slip.
Forms: Bowls predominate
Design: Swastikas in quartered layouts common, centers usually left unpainted. Hatched and solid elements


LMA 16359


LMA 16359