Starkwater Smudged Decorated CA. 1100-1200

The basis for this type is Tularosa Fillet Rim, with its filleted exterior and smudged interior. With Starkweather Smudged Decorated, white-line decoration has been added to the interior of the vessel only. Ours is a somewhat simple example, but designs might be quite intricate and carefully painted.


Paste: Pinkish tan to dark brown
Temper: Light sand
Surface: Red-brown to gray-brown
Forms: Mostly bowls
Design: Interiors are treated by smudging, which is often polished to iridescent. Designs appear to be unpolished areas left after paint burned off in firing.


7" diameter
Starkweather Smudged Decorated
Wheatley Ridge Ruin
LMA 22509


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Careful examination of the top half of this sherd reveals the faint pattern created by white lines typical of Starkweather Smudged Decorated