Socorro Black-on-White CA. 950-1400

Socorro Black-on-White designs (top four sherds) are easy to recognize. Although they are similar to Reserve Black-on-White designs (bottom two sherds), the scale is much larger and the designs therefore much bolder. The type is found between Albuquerque and Socorro, New Mexico, and was the predominant black-on-white type in that area for several centuries. The inspiration for this type probably came from the west, and may even have been imported early forms of Reserve Black-on-White.


Paste: Light gray
Temper: Dark gray to black angular fragments
Surface: White slip, well-polished
Forms: Bowls, jars and ollas
Design: Opposed solid and hatched motifs, often asymmetrical
Comparisons: Similar to Reserve Black-on-White but designs are much larger in scale


La Luz Ruin
Near Alamogordo, New Mexico
LMA 21017

Reserve Black-on-White sherds are shown on the bottom for comparison. The obvious difference is the scale of the decorative elements.