Reserve Incised Corrugated - CA. 950-1125

This type is little more than a later version of Alma Neck Banded and Alma Incised wares. The combination of neck-banding and incising is a later development, seen here on a Reserve Plain Corrugated base. The form of this vessel, with its globular base and flaring rim, is similar to contemporary San Francisco Red vessels, and is consistent with the middle period of Mogollon development.


Paste: Pinkish tan to dark brown
Temper: Light sand
Surface: Red-brown to gray-brown
Forms: Jars and bowls
Design: Corrugations may be allover or on neck only. Decoration consists of vertical or oblique incised lines.


4" high
Reserve Incised Corrugated
Starkweather Ruin
LMA 22414.5