Alma Neck Banded Ware - CA. 500-1000

Alma Plain wares were by far the most prevalent cooking ware throughout most of Mogollon history. Alma Neck Banded ware was a variant of Alma Plain ware, made of brown paste and tempered with irregular material. Alma Neck Banded wares have added neck decoration composed of wide flat overlapping coils, numbering from three to six, often polished and sometimes smoothed to the point of creating a fluted appearance.


Paste: Brown to gray
Temper: Medium to coarse sand with opaque angular fragments
Surface: Bodies of vessels are usually polished
Forms: Necked jars, seed jars, bowls
Design: None


Starkweather Ruin
Reserve, New Mexico
LMA 22429


Starkweather Ruin, Reserve, New Mexico
LMA 21191