Gila Butte Red-on-Buff - CA. 500-700

Gila Butte Red-on-Buff was one of the earliest of the Colonial Hohokam types. It was made using the paddle and anvil technique, where clay was spread and thinned over a bowl-shaped anvil. Vessels characteristically have flaring rims, and are given a slip before being decorated with repeated small motifs and "fringes" of short parallel lines. Micaceous temper gives the surface the glittery quality typical of Hohokam pottery.


Paste: Light brown
Temper: Mica flakes
Surface: Slipped and polished
Forms: Bowls with flaring rims, jars, scoops, plates
Design: Small repeated elements in parallel bands


Museum Exchange
LMA 16356


Museum Exchange
LMA 16356


Mattocks Ruin, Mimbres, New Mexico
LMA 21191