Checklist of Pottery Types

This checklist is based on Harold S. Colton's Check List of Southwestern Pottery Types, published in 1965. Its purpose was to provide a breakdown of the many ancient types and to organize them into wares and series. More recent scholarship has necessitated a few adjustments, but for the most part Colton's work has remained the standard for archaeologists. Our version provides direct access to all of the individual ancient southwestern pottery types represented in the Logan Museum collections. One can see at a glance how our site brings detail and color to the original Check List.

Mogollon Brown Ware

Reserve Series
Alma Plain
Alma Punched
Alma Incised
Alma Neck Banded
Three Circle Neck Corrugated
Reserve Plain Corrugated
Reserve Incised Corrugated
Reserve Punched Corrugated
Reserve Indented Corrugated
Tularosa Patterned Decorated
Reserve Smudged
Tularosa Fillet Rim
Starkweather Smudged Decorated
Tularosa White-on-Red

Rio Grande Series
Three Rivers Red-on-Terracotta
El Paso Polychrome

Glenwood Series
San Francisco Red
Mogollon Red-on-Brown
Three Circle Red-on-White

Mimbres Series
Mimbres Plain
Mimbres Incised
Mimbres Corrugated
Mangas Black-on-White
Mimbres B-on-W - Figural
Mimbres B-on-W - Geometric
Mimbres Polychrome
Mimbres Red-on-White

Chihuahua Red Ware

Mata Red-on-Brown
Babicora Polychrome
Huerigos Polychrome
Carretas Polychrome
Villa Ahumada Polychrome
Dublan Polychrome
Corralitos Polychrome
Escondida Polychrome
Ramos Polychrome
Madera Black-on-Red
Playas Red Incised
Ramos Black

Puerco Valley Red Ware

Showlow Black-on-Red

White Mountain Red Ware

Zuni Series
Wingate Black-on-Red
Puerco Black-on-Red
Wingate Polychrome
-Houck Polychrome
-Querino Polychrome
St Johns Black-on-Red
St Johns Glaze Polychrome
St Johns Polychrome

White Mountain Series
Pinedale Polychrome
Cedar Creek Polychrome
Fourmile Polychrome

Roosevelt Red Ware

Cliff Polychrome
Pinto Polychrome
Tonto Polychrome

Rio Grande Glaze Ware

Espinoso Polychrome

San Juan Orange Ware

Abajo Red-on-Orange
La Plata Black-on-Orange

Tsegi Orange Ware

Black Mesa Series
Tusayan Black-on-Red
Tusayan Polychrome

Little Colorado Series
Deadmans Black-on-Red

Hopi Series
Jeddito Black-on-Orange

Jeddito Yellow Ware

Jeddito Black-on-Yellow
Jeddito Spattered
Bidahochi Polychrome

Tusayan Gray Ware

Tsegi Series
Lino Gray
Lino Fugitive Red
Lino Black-on-Gray
Kana-a Gray
Rio Grande Series
Rosa Black-on-White

Tusayan White Ware

Kayenta Series
Kana-a Black-on-White
Black Mesa Black-on-White
Dogoszhi Black-on-White
Sosi Black-on-White
Flagstaff Black-on-White
Tusayan Black-on-White
Kayenta Black-on-White

Little Colorado White Ware

Holbrook Black-on-White
Walnut Black-on-White
Leupp Black-on-White

Mesa Verde White Ware

McElmo Black-on-White
Mesa Verde Black-on-White

Pajarito Gray Ware

Pajarito Series
Santa Fe Black-on-White

Cibola White Ware

Puerco-Chaco Series
La Plata Black-on-White
White Mound Black-on-White
Kiatuthlanna Black-on-White
Red Mesa Black-on-White
Gallup Black-on-White
Chaco Black-on-White
Puerco Black-on-White
Escavada Black-on-White
Socorro Series
Socorro Black-on-White

White Mountain Series
Snowflake Black-on-White
Reserve Black-on-White
Tularosa Black-on-White

San Juan Series
Mancos Black-on-White

Hohokam Buff Ware

Gila Butte Red-on-Buff
Santa Cruz Red-on-Buff
Sacaton Red-on-Buff

Alameda Brown Ware

Sunset Series
Sunset Red

Pimeria Brown Ware

Gila Plain

San Francisco Mountain Gray Ware

Deadmans Fugitive Red