Playas Red Incised

Playas Red Incised is found in the immediate vicinity of Paquimé, and along the Santa Maria valley to the southeast. These vessels, as well as the related Playas Red, are a later plainware advancement over the earlier corrugated wares which had their origins in the Mogollon territories. This type seems to be a precursor to Corralitos Polychrome, but the designs here are never interlocking.


Paste: Brownish-red to tan
Temper: Crushed sherd
Surface: Red decoration applied over self-slip
Forms: Jars and effigies
Design: Incised band extends from the rim to the shoulder. Both rim and shoulder bear a wide band of red paint.


Playas Red Incised
Gift of Arizona State Museum
LMA 7007


Playas Red, Corralitos Variety
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