White Mound Black-on-White - CA. 700-900

White Mound Black-on-White is one of three distinct types that arose in the Four Corners area during the Pueblo I period, the others being Kiatuthlanna Black-on-White and Red Mesa Black-on-White. White Mound Black-on-White is sand-tempered, tending toward gray in its natural form, but bowls lack the bright white slip which distinguishes it from Red Mesa Black-on-White. Decoration consists of fine lines, solid triangles, spirals and dots.


Paste: Hard, strong and course-textured
Temper: Sand
Surface: Gritty, unpolished and unslipped
Forms: Straight-sided bowls with tapered rims, jars and effigies
Design: Solid triangle motifs pendant from rim and outlined, barbed wire, occasional human figures.


8-1/4" diameter
Horatio N. Rust Collection
LMA 15264


7" diameter
LMA 21000