Walnut Black-on-White - CA. 1100-1250

Walnut Black-on-White is one of two decorated types made by the Sinagua culture in the Kayenta region of north central Arizona, the other being Holbrook Black-on-White. These wares appear to have been made locally, based on quantities, in emulation of imported Anasazi wares.


Paste: Medium to dark gray
Temper: Crushed sherd, quartz or volcanic rock fragments
Surface: Thick, lightly polished white slip, exteriors unfinished
Forms: Bowls, jars and effigies
Design: Bands of closely spaced interlocking scrolls separated by bands of thin parallel lines


5-1/2" high
Peet Collection
LMA 15557


6-1/2" diameter
Peet Collection
LMA 15554