Tusayan Black-on-White - CA. 1200-1300

Tusayan Black-on-White is not unlike other Tusayan White Ware types, but there is more emphasis on black solids and patterns created by the ground. However, designs are generally limited to bands, and often resemble earlier Black Mesa Black- on-White designs in having elements lined with dots. Paint is often not as solid as previous types.


Paste: Light gray
Temper: Fine sand or volcanic ash
Surface: Polished
Forms: Bowls
Design: Banded designs usually composed of solids separated by framing lines. Occasional hatching.


6-1/2" diameter
Peet Collection
LMA 15580


Peet Collection
LMA 15580


6-1/4" diameter
Tsegi area
Horation N. Rust Collection
LMA 15381