Sosi Black-on-White - CA. 1070-1180

Sosi Black-on-White is similar to Flagstaff Black-on-white, with more emphasis on bold-line elements and interlocking barbed lines. Black and white are almost equally balanced. The center of bowls is usually left undecorated. Jars have a band encircling the body of the vessel, with a different, usually simpler, design on the neck.


Paste: Light gray to white
Temper: Fine sand
Surface: Polished and slipped, slip is sometimes fine and grainy and may contain flecks of mica
Forms: Bowls and jars, rarely ladles
Design: Opposed barbed lines, interlocking rectilinear elements, jars have a band of decoration on body with simpler design on neck
Comparisons: Very similar to Flagstaff Black-on-White, but lines tends to be thicker and designs larger


9" diameter
Zim Collection
LMA 9356


Zim Collection
LMA 9356


7-1/2" high
Zim Collection
LMA 9742