Santa Fe Black-on-White - CA. 1200-1325

Santa Fe Black-on-White is found in the Upper Rio Grande area. It is derived from earlier types, Gallina and Kwahe's Black-on-White, but has a better slip and is more carefully smoothed. Bowls are the only forms, and the designs seem to be related to contemporary Jeddito types, with Y-panel arrangements and triangular pendants with hatching and corbeled line decoration.


Paste: Gray
Temper: Coarse sand, sherds and volcanic tuff
Surface: Thin, lightly smoothed white slip, exteriors unfinished
Forms: Bowls
Design: Hatched, triangular pendant panels extending to the rim.


5-1/2" diameter
Jemez Mountains
Zim Collection
LMA 9326

The only notation regarding the origin of this bowl was that it came from the "Jemez Mountains". Considering the types that were prevalent in that area, the bowl seems to best fit the characteristics of Santa Fe Black-on-White.