Puerco Black-on-White - CA. 1030-1150

Puerco Black-on-White is characterized by the presence of solid and hatched elements, not interlocking and not necessarily intermingled. Checkerboards and negative lightning motifs are common. Red Mesa motifs such as lining design elements with dots linger, and vertically banded jar necks are common. Puerco is contemporary with Escavada, which has solid linear motifs, and Gallup which is dominated by hatched motifs. The three types differ primarily in painted design.


Paste: White to light gray
Temper: Sherd and sand
Surface: Thin, streaky slip or none
Forms: Bowls, jars, pitchers, effigies, ladles
Design: Checkerboard motifs, panelized bands with alternating hatched and solid panels


8-1/2" high
Zim Collection
LMA 9746

Though not specifically identified as such in the Logan Collections records, a pitcher nearly identical to this one is on display at the Museum of Northern Arizona, and has been identified as Puerco Black-on-White.


4" max. diameter
Gift of Alice Marriott
Laboratory of Anthropology
LMA 6883