Puerco Black-on-Red - CA. 1030-1150

Puerco Black-on-Red has designs similar to Puerco Black-on-White. Interlocking frets, dotted triangles, broad lines, stripes, stepped parallel lines and interlocking scroll triangles may be arranged in continuous bands around the vessel, and rims are usually unpainted. Our bowl was repaired in ancient times, indicated by the sinew ties binding the bowl together across the major crack visible on the left.


Paste: White to gray, buff, orange to red
Temper: Crushed sherd and sand with colored inclusions
Surface: Thick, red to maroon slip, polished
Forms: Bowls, jars, pitchers, dippers, canteens
Design: Banded designs with interlocking solid elements


7-1/2" diameter
Horatio N. Rust Collection
LMA 15274