Mesa Verde Black-on-White - CA. 1200-1300

Mesa Verde Black-on-White was produced in the area around Mesa Verde in southwestern Colorado. It is made from a gray to white paste with angular fragments of temper. Vessels usually have a pearly gray-white slip and are painted with carbon black pigment. Zones of pattern are framed by horizontal bands, and are often as black as white, creating the illusion of negative painting.


Paste: Gray to white
Temper: Angular fragments
Surface: Pearly gray-white
Forms: Bowls, jars, pitchers, ladles, mugs
Design: Interlocking stepped patterns and negative-painted designs common.


5-1/2" high
Horatio N. Rust Collection
LMA 15188


6-1/2" diameter
Zim Collection
LMA 9749


5" diameter
Milwaukee Public Museum Exchange
LMA 21063